Анатолий Богатырёв
Анатоль Багатыроў (1913-2003)

Anatol Bagatyrow, born in 1913, Belarus, graduated from the Belarusian State Conservatoire (prof. V.A. Zalatarow’s class of composition, 1937). People’s Artist of Belarus, 1968, the USSR State Prize Holder, 1941, Winner of Belarus State Prize, 1969. Member of the Composers’ Union of Belarus, 1933.

Principal compositions: the operas «In palesse Forests», «Nadzeia Durava», the oratorio «Battle for Belarus», 9 cantatas («Jubilee», «Belarusian Songs», «А Tale About a She-Bear», «Leningraders», «Pictures of Native Land», etc.), 2 symphonies, a cello concerto, a basso concerto, pieces for instruments of symphony orchestra, for piano, vocal cycles, romances, choruses, about 100 arrangements of folk songs for voice and chorus, music for theatre and cinema.