Дмитрий Смольский
Д. Б. Смольский
(род. 1937)

Dzmitry Smolsky, born in 1937, Belarus, graduated from the Belarusian State Conservatoire (Prof. A.V.Bagatyrow’s class of composition, 1960), postgraduate courses at the Moscow State Conservatoire (Prof. M.I.Peyko’s class of composition, 1967). People’s Artist of Belarus, 1987, Belarus State Prize Holder, 1980. Member of the Composers’ Union of Belarus, 1961.

Principal compositions: operas «The Grey Legend», «Frantsysk Skaryna», oratorios «The Khyrasima Songs», «My Fatherland», «Poet», a cantata, a vocal-symphonic poem, 9 symphonies, Festival Overture, 3 cymbal concerts, 2 piano concerts, instrumental miniatures, «Elegy and Toccata to the Memory of Shostakovich», vocal cycles, choruses, songs.